When in Ratnapura you need to drop in to one of the many museums of gems. In Ratnapura, being the most famous for gems you’ll see many people in the rivers looking for precious stones. It also home to the famous Katugas Falls and is a place to visit if you’re tired and want to get out of the hot and humid city of Ratnapura.


Ratnapura the city of Gems

Ratnapura is located 101 km south east of Colombo passing shades of Paddy fields rubber estates and Tea Plantations; you will reach the city of Gems. Abundant in lustrous gems that echo the exotic hues of paradise itself, Sri Lanka is renown as the Island of Gems. From sea blue sapphires and deep red rubes to tourmalines of forest green purple amethysts and sunset hued golden topaz, it is home to a large variety of precious and semi-precious gems of many colors.

Places to visit Ratnapura

Ratnapura gem bureau

Gem pit

Visit a gem pit and see how they unearth the raw stones

Adams Peak

Ratnapura is at the foot of 2243 metre high Adams peak.one of the routes is from Ratnapura and drive 20 km and from Ratnapura town to palabaddala village and from there on foot to the summit.

Singharaja forest

Singharaja forest could be approached from Ratnapura is about 3.30 hrs driving.

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