Jaffna was a place almost separated from the rest of the country due to the war that raged over the country till 2009, but since then have really being developing its infrastructure and is now a place that a tourist in Sri Lanka should check out. Jaffna is a great place to visit and if you chose to visit it the Jaffna fort should be a priority for you. Jaffna is also filled with Kovils that are definitely worth a visit.

Jaffna Kankesanthurai
Jaffna Library


Slowly Jaffna is awakening to meet the visitors from the 30 year war which ended in 2009. The Jaffna peninsula is almost an island only the narrow causeway known as Elephant pass – one time elephants used to wade across the shallow lagoon here which connects Jaffna to rest of Sri Lanka.

Places to Visit in Jaffna

Nallur Kovil

In the hot dry lands of Nallur, in Jaffna rises the majestic Hindu temple for Skanda/ Murugan – the god of love, war and beauty. It has reigned over the land for centuries, attracting devotees from various walks of life. The temple itself embodies a kind of peace that can only be felt in the most divine of places.

History – The temple was originally founded in 948 AD. However, it reached fame when it was rebuilt in the 13th century by Puvaneka Vaahu, a minister of the Jaffna King Kalinga Maha.

Attractions not to miss

Nagadeepa old temple

The site is known as the place where Lord Buddha came during his second visit to Sri Lanka, after five years of attaining Enlightenment, to intervene and mediate in settling a dispute between two Naga Kings, Chulodara and Mahodara over the possession of a gem-studded throne.

When Buddha arrived and saw the Naga Kings prepared for fighting, Budhha used psychic powers to appear in the sky performing miracles. This made the Nagas astonished and happy. After having listened to the sermons displaying Buddha’s masterly knowledge of unity and harmony, meththa and compassion

Jaffna Fort

The historic Jaffna Fort, the second largest fort in the country, is the best example of Dutch military architecture in Sri Lanka. Built originally by the Portuguese in 1618, it was built over by the Dutch in 1792.

Jaffna Market

Visit the Jaffna vegetable market and the fish market

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