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Ayurveda – “The Science of Life”

The name comes from ancient Sanskrit; Ayuh or “Life”, and Veda or “Science”.So Ayurveda translates as “ The Science of Life”, a fitting name for a system that devotes itself to a truly holistic approach to the ways the body and mind can be treated.

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Ancient Secrets, and Modern Luxuries
Sri Lanka has always been a place for refreshing the mind and body and also the destination for refreshing the soul and Spirit. The most popular and practiced method used to restore and rejuvenate tired bodies and weary souls has been Ayurveda – the oldest and most holistic medical system available in the world. Based on indigenous Indian medicine, it draws not only on a deep understanding of Physiology, but also elements of philosophy, psychology and spirituality. The Ayurveda was so influential that traditional Tibetan Chinese medicine and Greek medicine embraced many of the concepts of Ayurveda. The legend says that Ayurveda was in Practiced in Sri Lanka from the period of King Wijaya the First King of Sri Lanka during the period 6th century BC.

The treatment is always administered under the guidance of a Qualified Ayurveda Practitioner. The Ayurveda Practitioner will always examine you and will determine the treatment best suited to you. All prescriptions used in treatment are produced by raw materials found naturally and no artificial substances are used. These raw materials will come from roots, stems, barks, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, and nuts of many plants.
It may use Milk from animals, Bees Honey, pearls, shells, iron,gold, silver and copper from earth may be used in certain treatments Ayurveda treatment and drugs do not give rise to any side effects.

The Popular Ayurveda Treatments Are

Head Massage

Nourishes the scalp, enhance hair growth, triggers the body’s natural healing process, relieves tension, migraine and headaches, common symptoms of stress.. This treatment is a wonderful way to condition hair.

Head Oil Bath ( Shirodhara)                                   image

You lie down on a specially made wooden bed and a pot of oil is hung above the head. A thin line of warm oil is made to fall on the forehead swinging from side to side slowly. This treatment calms the central nervous system, improves the mental clarity and triggers the release of trapped energy through the body.

Herbal Steam Inhalation

An excellent method of treating respiratory problems. A towel is placed over your head and you are made to breath herbal steam from a pot or bowl deeply.

Face Massage

This treatment nourishes the face muscles and improves complexion. The face is steamed first and a specially prepared herbal cream is applied. This boosts the circulation system, removes wrinkles and improves complexion.

The Body Massage

Herbal oil is applied on the body with the palm in a gentle massage. This promotes longevity, strength, good skin tone, relieve fatigue, tones up the eye sight and relaxes the body and mind.

Neck and Shoulder massage

This is the classic herbal treatment triggering the body’s natural healing process by using lymphatic massage and herbal oil to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluid.

Foot Massage (Reflexology)

All foot massages are beneficial and relaxing, but reflexology provides a more specific method of working to diagnose problems and stimulate health in the whole body.

Massage of Upper and Lower Limb

Relieves aches and pains ease muscular spasms, and muscular rheumatism to impart strength, good complexion, and longevity. Herbal oils or creams are used to tone the body and improve blood circulation.

Milk rice treatment ( Pindasveda)

Rice is cooked in a special way, filled in to small pouches made of cotton and applied as a specific body massage.

Oil Bath (Pisidarana)

Heated medicated oil is collected in a cloth or natural sponge and squeezed on to the body and gently applied on the body of the patient by a masseur/masseuse.

Steam Bath (Kuti Sweda) image

This treatment helps to reduce body weight and fat. The skin is oiled and then the steam bath is introduced in a steam cabinet made of medicinal Kohomba wood (Magosa)

Medicated steam bath ( Vaspaveda)

This is a unique treatment where leaves of special medicinal plants are boiled and the steam is passed on the whole body.

Herbal Water Bath

Final stage in the Ayurveda Herbal treatment is the Herbal water bath. Hot or cold water in a tub with Herbal extracts is used for this bath which cures rheumatism and skin diseases.

Herbal Flower Bath

Hot or cold water in a Bath with flowers this treatment done for 15 – 20 minutes soaks out all the tension in your body.

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